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Hold Tight Your Babies or Your Guns - Women’s T-Shirt

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I cannot even find the words... our country is very, very sick. The utter lack of condolence or empathy over the shooting in Parkland, FL from the pro-gun zealots has been embarrassing and disgraceful. Many are even questioning the legitimacy of this tragic slaughter, accusing children of posing as "crisis actors." They spread lies, hate, paranoia and misinformation, but most importantly they spread shame. Their shame. It's a shame that they are apparently unable to feel and that is utterly heartbreaking.

We are allowing our children to murdered because some are so worried about some invisible boogieman who is coming for their guns (and that is literally all they're worried about) that they cannot even begin to recognize the total loss of their own humanity, or their inability to reason.

Enough is enough. We will not be silent any longer, and we will make sure they know exactly what they are complicit in. From our elected officials to your next door neighbors. People need to be woken up, people need a graphic representation of the reality they pretend does not exist. Show them their shame.

FRONT: Shows a chalk outline of a child's dead body. Inside the outline is a seemingly endless number of tally marks, representing all of the innocent people who have been killed by a gun in the United States. The tally marks have the American flag superimposed over them. This is a graphic depiction of an all-too-common aftermath of gun violence in the United States.

BACK: Shows a small FY Society logo along with the hashtags #NeverAgain and #ShameOnUS

A portion of all proceeds will go toward efforts to combat gun violence and a perverse gun culture, and as always, all other proceeds will go toward the continued funding of FY Society, an ad-free place on the web that explores American society through the lens of various publications as well as original content.

• 100% fine jersey cotton
• Heather Grey is 90% cotton/10% polyester
• Durable rib neckband
• Form-fitting
• Made in the USA (sweatshop free)

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