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American Beauty - Men's / Unisex All-Over Printed T-Shirt

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A young black boy stops to smell the roses. He has no idea how unfair and cruel the world may turn out to be to him. He doesn't know about the necessity of a Black Lives Matter movement. You can tell, just look into his eyes. He thinks the world is just as lovely as the flower in front of his beautiful face. Is this snapshot of a time long past gone or a glimpse of things to come? 

The struggle is real and the path to true justice and true equality is long, especially when we have a White House eroding decades of hard fought civil rights, voting rights and legal protections, but this boy deserves a future free from fear of police brutality, a nation unshackled from the chains of institutional racism, a life full of liberty and the free, unguarded pursuit of happiness! Even in a hoodie! Liberation from fear of black men by white men, and true comradery and solidarity between humans of every shade. It's more than a dream, especially to our children. It gets rough out there, but for now, we can be the rose.

• 100% polyester - lightweight, super soft
• 4.5 oz (153 g/m2), Unisex fit
• Be an ally
• Make a statement
• Made in the USA, sweatshop free


Size guide

Chest (inches) 32 1/4 36 1/4 40 1/8 42 ½ 49 52
Length (inches) 27 1/2 27 7/8 29 30 ¾ 31 3/8 33