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Crystal Bee Rose Necklace - Women's

Regular price $9.99

This bee-autifully crafted and highly original necklace is sure to make you smile, or if giving as a gift, sure to light up the eyes of whoever receives it. This is one of those rare jewels pieces that works perfectly for children and adults alike. This bee is cute as can be, is perfect for a fun and bouncy personality-type or even a professional or backyard beekeeper. 



    • Made of gold plated alloy, crystal

    • Perimeter:40cm x 5cm

    • Necklace Pendant:2.5 x 1.7cm

    • Product photos are of the actual item you'll be receiving; no computer-generated imagery is used
    • You can wear it in any occasion, fun, bouncy and eye-catching fashion accessory

    • Sometimes delivery takes longer than usual, please be patient with this very popular item

Package Content:

    • 1PC Necklace