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Celebrity Style Shiny AF Alloy Choker Necklace Chain - Women's

Regular price $18.99

This is called the "Celebrity" style necklace as it's so damn rock 'n roll. We also refer to it as "Shiny AF" -- which is pretty self-explanatory. This chain-style choker necklace is super unique, and while it's pretty rock 'n roll, it's as very elegant and classy, so it will go well with whatever you are wearing and wherever you are going. Don't pass this one up, they do not stay in stock for long!


  • Did we mention it's shiny af?

  • Material: Alloy

  • Weight: 34g

  • Length: 18"

  • Color: Shiny Gold or Silver, or a more Matte 'Black' -- you pick!

  • A great gift for your girlfriend, or any stylish woman in your life

  • Though popular, this piece is still unique and definitely stands out

  • Perfect for the wild or subdued personality type

  • One of the most popular and stylish jewelry pieces that we offer