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Women Fight Back Drawstring Bag

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Donald Trump's constant attacks on women, his defense of those who physically and sexually abuse women, his bragging about sexually assaulting women--none of it is okay. It is an absolute disgrace to the office he holds and the country he represents.

Women must continue to fight back. Women have the power. Women are the givers of life and the reason we are all here. This delightful take on a classic features Rosie the Riveter and two of her badass female friends. Rosie is wearing a pin which says "Grab Back" with another woman donning a pin that says "You Wouldn't Exist Without Women" -- seems obvious, but apparently society needs a reminder. This design conveys that not only do women create life, but that they are also tough as nails, just as capable as any man at the job, and aren't afraid to get their hands dirty--which hopefully all women, and men, will be willing to do when it comes time to replace Trump with someone less heinous.

Combine your love for vibrant prints and a sporty style with a cool drawstring bag. It's a must-have gym essential that can be worn as a backpack with drawstring closure at top, and narrow, contrasting shoulder straps. This bag also works wonderfully as a unique bookbag or backpack, and it the perfect small, protest-ready grab-bag--perfect for water bottles and other supplies.

• Bag size 15”x17”
• Twin cotton handles
• Drawstring closure
• 100% spun polyester fabric
• Makes a great statement for women and against Trump